Blood shed at wedding ceremony in Mali

Jan, 6th 2020 – Reports from Mali say more than 20 people including children have been killed after an airstrike hit a wedding party in a remote village at the weekend.

Residents of Bounti, in the central Mopti region, said a helicopter opened fire on the ceremony. The French military, which has troops in the region, said it carried out a strike on jihadist militants in central Mali, but that no wedding was involved.

Five French soldiers have been killed in attacks in Mali in recent days.

One man who was wounded in the strike said that the extremists approached a group of civilians celebrating the wedding and demanded that the men separate from the women

Speaking from a health center in Douentzae, he said, “We were in the process of carrying out the orders when I heard the sound of an airplane and immediately a strike from above. Afterward, I didn’t see anything because I was unconscious.”

Other villagers in Bounti said that a lone helicopter opened fire in broad daylight, sowing panic among a crowd gathered for a wedding.

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