Nationwide curfew extended to March 2021

Jan, 4th 2020 – Head of civil service Joseph Kinyua has set out directives to extend the nationwide covid-19 containment measures to the 12th of March this year. President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the extension of the 10pm to 4pm curfew.

The general directives governing religious gatherings remain unchanged as those gatherings that do not include weddings or funerals to be conducted under the interfaith council guidelines. Public rallies in the form of campaigns have been suspended as overnight events remain prohibited.

In regards to reopening of schools, teachers and staff 58 years and above shall deliver duties remotely. It is still unclear how the teachers will deliver their services remotely as the ICT sector in the country is poor.

The schools must ensure they have adequate hand washing stations whereas those experiencing water issues acquire sanitizers. In addition to this, teachers and students shall wear appropriate facemasks while observing physical distancing.

Non-essential visits to schools have also been banned together with all extracurricular activities. The heads should ensure that only in exceptional circumstances should visitors be allowed.

In addition to adhering to the safety protocols, teachers and students shall be required to wear face masks in both the transport and school premises. School heads have been asked to keep record of all sick students and staff and make sure to inform the County Health Department of all instances of moderate to severe illness.

The head of state has noted that all isolation facilities will continue to be maintained at a high state of preparedness through continous capacity building for health care workers.

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