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The year 2020 has finally come to an end and these following artists have really established themselves as artists that we should keep an eye out for. From undeniable hits to hard hitting lyrics to crisp creative videos, these guys have it all! Let’s get a quick breakdown of who they are and what they are about.


Anette Tenaya has been on the Pearl Radio airwaves for a while as is well deserved! Under the wing of powerhouse producers such as Saint P, she is set for worldwide recognition. Her voice is sweet and convincing and her writing is superb. She has given us a big banger this year by the name “Best” and just as the year was ending, she was featured in a tribute song for the late artist Kaberere alongside big names like Dunco and Kerah.

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American rapper NF is definitely a person to look out for. He burst into the scene in 2012 with his first EP dubbed “I’m Free”. He later rose slowly and went absolutely viral with his Album “The Search”. He is known for his brute honesty and fast rap that always hits home since every word is articulated clearly.

He hasn’t released any song for a while and that’s exactly why you should look out for him next year! We have a feeling that he is cooking up something serious.

NF Continues Breakout Year With First Top 20 Hit on Hot 100 | Billboard


With mega hits like “Mitumba” and recently “Mungu Wa Musa”, we know for a fact that this man is up to something! He didn’t come to play. Since the days he was making music in his duo “Kelele Takatifu”, he always had a way of finding lyrics that relate to the “common mwananchi”. We sure do hope that he has more for us in 2021 and we are on the lookout. You should be too!

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If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, you might have known Adawnage in their prime with songs like “Safari” and “Uwezo”. Kaki Mwihaki was one of the lead singers there! Now you know… She later on re-located to the U.S.A. and started an independent music career which has given us hits like ‘Tabibu’ and now ‘Asante’ which is still very hot on the airwaves. She is very talented, it goes without say, and we are very excited to see what she has for us in 2021.

Kaki Mwihaki - YouTube


Now, this man is a legend! We can’t say anything less. He is one of the pioneers of Kenyan mainstream gospel music. From “Wernono Crew” to a shining independent career, he has given us hits for the longest time. He took a small break from music but through trusted sources (wink), we have word that he is making a comeback in 2021 and we cannot wait!

Dunco |


She is a new artist from the class of the likes of Muhanjii and she is doing a number on the industry.In just one year, she has been able to make a name for herself doing hits like ‘Kukuona’, ‘Chocha’, ‘Anaweza’ and ‘Ninyeshee’. Her rap flow is sick and her singing voice makes you want to just close your eyes and enjoy the sounds sonically. She is definitely an artist to watch out for this coming year.

Must Watch: Female Gospel Rapper Shani Releases 'Chocha'
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That sums up the list of artists we believe you should look out for. New years being just a few hours away, Let us be the ones to wish you a Happy New Year of 2020!!! Be blessed!

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