DP William Ruto: Provide Kenyans with BBI copies

Dec, 21st 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has urged the Building Bridges Initiative secretariat to provide Kenyans with copies of the proposed amendments to ensure the public makes informed decisions.

Ruto who spoke during a cultural ceremony in Poro on Sunday said that availability of the copies is key to a credible referendum. He also asked political leaders to focus on addressing the challenges facing Kenyans.

He said, “Someone should not tell you to vote No or vote Yes, you must know why you are settling on that particular option. Let us all agree that we would work together to put in place the right measures that prioritize the needs of the people and thereafter deal with other political issues.”

He also urged citizens to adhere to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Covid-19. He warned politicians on trying to seize the opportunity to amend the constitution to befit their personal interests. He said, “As leaders, let us know that the most important thing is not that which benefits us as leaders but that which benefits all Kenyans.”

He asked leaders to sell their agenda and ideas to the people rather than using negative ethnicity to advance their political career. He added that political competition in the country Should be based on ideology.

The DP warned of a section of leaders who had resorted to ethnic mobilization as they do not have an agenda to sell to the people.

Present in the ceremony were governors Jackson Mandago of Uasin Gishu and Moses Lenolkulal of Samburu County, MPs Jackson Lekumontare of Samburu East, Steve Lelegwe of Samburu County, Kimani Ichungwa of Kikuyu and Alois Musa Lentoimaga of Samburu North.

Ichungwa urged Kenyans to steer clear of divisive tribal politics and rather focus on activities that would better their lives. He said, “We want to create a nation of hustlers devoid of negative ethnicity and tribalism who embrace their cultures.”

Citing Samburu County, Mandago, asked leaders to take advantage of the BBI to implement policies that will transform underdeveloped regions. He said, “We have an opportunity to rectify poor policies implemented by previous Governments that left some regions behind.”

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