Deal to Merge Port and Railways signed.

Dec, 18th 2020 – Treasury CS Ukur Yatani has today signed the Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) under the Kenya Transport and Logistics Network.

The agreement is to re-engineer Kenya’s productive and support systems, to attain the competitive edge for its goods and services, and improve the lives of citizens.

The Treasury had committed to execute the agreement within 60 days for Kenya Transport and Logistics Network following its establishment under the Executive Order No. 5 of 2020.“To actualize the JOA will require committed leadership, focused management and a lot of sacrifice from all players, including the staff in each agency,” said Yatani.

The agreement clearly identifies what needs to be done, by which agency, by what date, and with what resources, etc to boost efficiency and coordination in the relevant state agencies.

Business plans, annual and medium-term budgets, work plans, etc are implemented as stipulated and whether the objectives of the Executive Order No. 5 of 2020 are achieved.

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