EPRA appoints new acting Director General

[Photo: Soko Directory]

Dec, 15th 2020 – The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has appointed Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria as the director general after Pavel Oimeke was accused of bribery in an incident that let to his arrest on Thursday by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC). He was later released on bond as the agency concludes the investigation.

EPRA says it had to remove Oimeke based on the information from the commission.

According to reports, the official has taken a sh200,000 bribe to allow a fuel station to reopen. According to EPRA, it had closed the petrol station because of sales of unauthorized fuel. Despite paying fine, EPRA delayed authorization to reopen the fuel station.

According to EACC, an employee at the fuel station handed the cash over to Oimeke at his office and later on the employee tipped off the anti corruption agency which lead to the arrest of the EPRA official.

Oimeke was appointed to lead the agency in 2017 for an initial term of three years. His contract renewal was prevented by the legal case that was filed against him.

Oimeke is alleged to have abused his office, corruption, tribalism, favoritism and mismanagement of a public institution and public resources which is uncharacteristic of a public servant.

Kiptoo was recommended by Cabinet Secretary for Energy Charles Keter to take over at EPRA. Kiptoo had previously served as legal advisor to the minister of energy and is also the chairman of the government’s First Oil Committee.

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