DNA results confirm late Matungu MP fathered one of lover’s children

Dec, 14th 2020 – DNA tests on samples collected from the body of the late Matungu MP Justus Murunga have today, revealed that he was the father of one of the children of his mistress, Agnes Wangui.

The court-ordered DNA test showed a 99.9 percent match to that of the daughter. In her court papers, Wangui has said that the former MP had not only sired her two children but had also expressed the desire to settle down with her.

She said: “The deceased had also expressed the wish to settle down with me at our would-be home.”

The report said: “Based on the DNA profiles generated from the buccal swab sample obtained from XY and Justus Murunga, there are 99.9%+ more chances that Justus Murunga is the biological father of XY.

When she sought the paternity test last month, Wangui said that her relationship with Murunga in started in 2013 and the result was a son and a daughter.

She told the court: “I have known Murunga for seven years. Our first encounter was in 2013, when he was a supervisor at Embakasi Ranching Company, while I was a businesswoman engaged in vendition of beverages and snacks within the Sewerage area, Ruai.”

Wangui added that the late MP did not want to disclose their relationship to the public. She said: “The deceased never wanted the public or his family to learn about the existence of the two children and as a result, refused to give me copies of his national ID card so that I could process the children’s birth certificates. However, after engaging him in talks, he supported the minors, though in an irregular manner until his death on November 14.

Her lawyer, Danstan Omari, said they were still waiting for the paternity results of the second child.

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