Former Minister William Nyagah is dead

Dec, 11th 2020 – Former co-operative development and marketing Minister in Kenya’s grand coalition government Joe William Nyagah has died. Nyagah is said to have died while receiving treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. Family and sources say Nyagah died due to Covid related complications. 

The 72 year old was a member of the governing Kenya African Union and a minister in President Daniel Arap Moi’s office until quitting both the ministry and the party. 

He fought the election in Gashoka constituency as an opposition national. He is among the first Africans to serve in the pre independence legislative council where he represented Embu, Mbeere and Kirinyaga from 1958.

After Independence he served as a cabinet Minister as a cabinet Minister in the Jommo Kenyatta and later Daniel Moi government, becoming one of the longest serving ministers.

In Parliament, he represented the larger Embu from 1958 to 1988 when it was divided into Runyenjes, Syakago and Gachoka. He chose to vie for the Gachoka seat which he held until 1992 when he quit politics and his second son took over.

President Kenyatta eulogized the Former Gachoka MP in a message to comfort the Nyagah family saying that he is a friend and an influential and approachable servant leader.

The president said, “Joe was a great person. A friendly leader, highly experienced in public service and a very influential politician. What stood out the most in my many years of interaction with him was his brilliance and clarity of mind when articulating matters of public interest.”

He added that the Nyagah was a trusted leader whose service to the country saw him serve in two regimes as a minister. The head of State added, “It is rare for someone to serve two administrations at the ministerial level but Joe defied all that because of his accomplishments and the trust that he earned from the appointing authority for exemplary performance.”

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