BBI signatures to be submitted to IEBC today

Dec, 10th 2020 – The signatures collected from Kenyans in the BBI signature collection drive will be submitted at 10am today to the IEBC. while addressing the media the BBI members of the secretariat Dennis Waweru and Junet Mohamed said that the exercise met the required threshold of signatures.

Waweru further said that there won’t be any further changes on the bill. This closes the window for negotiations with Ruto Camp which has been pushing for an opportunity to have consensus.

Waweru said, “We have engaged IEBC. The chairman of IEBC will be waiting for us and so after that now we are going to engage them to ensure that they don’t take too long with the documents.”

Head of state and ODM leader Raila Odinga have declined calls from Ruto saying that they have plundered the opportunity to present their case to the task force that was chaired by Garissa Senator, Yusuf Haji.

Speaking at the same time, Junet confirmed that contents of  the bill to be presented to the IEBC, are the same as was unveiled by president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Junet said, “There are a lot of busy bodies claiming to be having a 12-member committee, as a secretariat we are not aware of that. Our mandate is very clear, we have a Bill, we have 5.2 million signatures, we have a date with IEBC, we have a date with county assemblies and we have a date with Kenyans in the form of a referendum.”

He also added, “The Kenyans that you have segregated into two, you have called one group dynasties and another group hustlers. This BBI now tends to bring them together. Don’t tell us that we are dividing Kenyans to yes or no.

Yesterday, High Court Justice Jairus Ngaah declined a request to stop the electoral body from receiving and verifying signatures in support of the process until all Kenyans living in the diaspora are accommodated. The petition was filed by US-based Kenyan James Gitau whose argument was that Kenyans in the diaspora were not involved in the National campaign. He moved to court to try and stop IEBC chair from receiving the signatures.

He said, “Restrain the IEBC chair from commencing any verification of the partially collected signatures until it complied with the court orders and avails the opportunity for voter registration of the Diaspora including Gitau’s area in Dallas before holding any referendum or General elections.”

According to Junet, everyone had an opportunity to present their views to the task force during the last three years.

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