KMPDU Chairperson tells off politicians neglecting the health sector

Dec, 9th 2020 – The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union has criticized a number of political leaders for neglecting the plight of the country’s medics.

KMPDU Chairperson Samuel Oroko termed the ongoing BBI campaigns as irresponsible and unnecessary, noting that the government should instead focus on saving the country’s health care system.

He further condemned politicians for making insensitive remarks against health workers amid increasing cases of medics succumbing to Covid. He said, “When all this is happening some governors are going to the media and saying health care workers should just relax, let us finish with BBI and we will talk to you. Nobody is interested in what we are saying.”

He added that doctors are going through a lot with the poor pay, poor working conditions and could deserve better from the Country’s leadership. He said, “People are busy collecting signatures and creating super spreader events and those people coming from those signature collection events be landing in the hospital to be treated by health care workers who are being mistreated by the government.”

While addressing the media a day after losing another doctor to Covid-19 Mr. Oroko hit out at some governors for for telling health care workers to wait for the Building Bridges Initiative to sort out the mess in the sector when doctors are already dying due to the virus.

ODM leader Raila Odinga is among the leaders who have critisized the healthcare workers for going on strike saying that they took an oath to protect lives and should not watch Kenyans die of Covid-19.

He said, “It’s not only doctors who are dying. We are also in a hard position economically. This is not the time for doctors to hold the government at ransom.”

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