DP urges leaders to prioritize issues raised by healthcare workers

Deputy President William Ruto [photo: The star]

Dec, 9th 2020 – Deputy President William says the government has with immediate effect told the Health Ministry, to resolve the issues raised by the country’s health workers.

Speaking today, while addressing the increasing Corona fatality cases, Ruto said the ongoing crisis was crippling the health system. He also noted that, the government recognizes the workers as an important asset in the fight against Covid-19.

He said, “There is no other place to start other than making sure that our health care workers are properly equipped with Personal Protective Equipment and that they are paid and their allowances taken care of and all the issues they have raised, addressed.

He added, “We have asked the ministry with immediate effect, work with the leadership of all our health care workers so that we can address the issues they have raised as the first step and priority step in ensuring that we deal with the health pandemic which will give us the opportunity to also deal with the financial crisis.

The DP also warned the political class against the ongoing campaigns amid the current health pandemic facing the nation. He urged Kenyans to adhere to the guidelines set to curb transmission of the virus.

He said, “I am asking that every Kenyan wherever they are, they must take the guidelines that have been given on the wearing of masks, ensuring that we keep social distancing on avoiding unnecessary travel, avoiding unnecessary crowded areas.”

To the politicians, the DP urged them to consider that the country is battling a deadly virus and that they should check on their priorities. He said, “And as every Kenyan is being asked to do so, the rest of us whoa are leaders must equally get our priorities right. And I say so because we are in the middle of a pandemic that has also created a very serious financial crisis.”

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