President Uhuru’s advise to the youths

Dec, 7th 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the youths to stop accepting handouts from politicians, seeking to bring down the country.

Speaking while presiding over the youth event, ‘Kenya ni mimi campaign Initiative‘, launched by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the president told the young people to take charge of the nation in different sectors.

This, he says, will help in flattening the unemployment curve as well as end corrupt dealings with the political class.

The head of state said, “In this world, you can claim your space, not as trend followers but as trend setters and you must use this moment as those who have been there before you in our history to organize yourselves to renew our economy and to build a prosperous nation.

He added, “You must declare that the young people will not be organized by politicians but by the needs that drive the youth agenda. They must see the opportunity and not the danger in the movement.

In regards to the BBI, the president said that the document’s inclusion is not just for the politicians but for all Kenyans.  He further animated the youths to be aggressive in taking ownership in a number of issues in the country. 

He said, “But this owners also have a responsibility. When you call yourself an owner, you have the responsibility for the management and the welfare of that property that you own.

He also advised the youths that they have to go for leadership and not sit and wait for it to be given to them. In Swahili, President Uhuru said, ” Na uongozi watu ni kuchukua wanachukua, sio kupatiwa unapatiwa. Kama mnangoja kupatiwa, basi, no problem, mtangojea mpaka muwe wazee na wengine wakuje, but you must take it, you must grab it.”

ICT CS Joe Mucheru also said that in the over 5.2 BBI million signatures about 4 million are from the youths. Speaking at the event, Mucheru further said that a good number of the youths are in support of the report.

He also noted the young people’s commitment in bringing about growth and development, unity and equity in the country.

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