India experiences mysterious illness amid Covid-19 battle

Dec, 7th 2020 – More than 140 people have been admitted in hospitals in India over an unidentified illness which has prompted Investigations by the officials. According to doctors, the patients showed symptoms ranging from nausea to fits and falling unconscious. Local media says the patients had all taken covid-19 tests that resulted negative.

A number of beds at Eluru Government Hospital have been freed up in case they are needed. The illness comes as India continues the Coronavirus battle. According to Local media, the patients were given the coronavirus test which all came back negative

Speaking to the Indian Express, a medical officer Eluru Government Hospital said, “The people who fell sick, especially the children, suddenly started vomiting after complaining of burning eyes.¬†Some of them fainted or suffered bouts of seizures.”

Health Ministera Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas said that the blood samples did not find any evidence of a viral infection. It is also noted that those who were taken to hospital have recovered and been discharged quickly.

Mr. Srinivas said, “We ruled out water contamination or air pollution as the cause after officials visited the areas where people fell sick. It is some mystery illness and only lab analysis will reveal what it is.”

Local health authorities say that they will get to know the exact cause of the disease once they get the results of the cerebral-spinal fluid samples sent to laboratories in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada.

Health experts are looking into various angles, including Contaminated milk, air population or chemical poisoning. Some believe that it is a case of mass hysteria.

Dr. Suhasini and Dr. Srinivas say that officials are providing systematic treatment, “We We are watching the health condition of patients who fell sick at Eluru. Two kids admitted at the old government hospital in Vijayawada are doing well. We are waiting for test reports. In my 25 years of service, I have never seen such cases.”

The opposition government suggest that the disease results from air or water contamination, doctors warn that it could be a mysterious illness and that only a lab analysis can help.

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