Britain’s Queen will wait in line for the Covid-19 vaccine

Dec, 7th 2020 – Britain’s queen Elizabeth and her husband will receive the covid-19 vaccine in which the UK government roll-out will begin on Tuesday. The first doses of the PfizerNTech will be administered to the elderly and their caregivers, followed by those above 80 years old and frontline healthcare workers.

Queen Elizabeth has however stated that she will remain in line and avoid preferential treatment as the first injections are reserved for the elderly.

According to The Mail on Sunday, “To avoid any accusations of favouritism, senior members of the Royal Family will be offered the vaccine at the same time as others in their age groups.

Britain has pre-ordered 40 million dozes of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine and is set to receive an initial batch of 800,000 which will kickstart Tuesday’s rollout. The first dozes were transported to the UK last week from a Pfizer plant in Belgium.

Stephen Powis, national medical director of the state-run National Health Service (NHS) said, “Despite the huge complexities, hospitals will kickstart the first phase of the largest-scale vaccination campaign in our country’s history from Tuesday.”

He added, “Hardworking staff will once again rise to the challenge to protect the most vulnerable people from this awful disease.

Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that the queen will not be hosting her annual Christmas celebration at Sandringham this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Health agencies and governments around the world will be monitoring the British Vaccination program to note its success andd failures and adjust their own plans accordingly.

The US hopes to start vaccinations later this month. Russia began vaccination on thousands of doctors, teachers and others on Saturday at dozens of centers in Moscow with its Russian made Sputnik V vaccine, which was approved over the summer after being tested in only a few dozen people.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “This coming week will be an historic moment as we begin vaccination against COVID-19.”

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