Government pleads with KMPDU for more time

Labour and Social Protection CS Simon Chelugui [photo: The star]

Dec,4th 2020 – Labour and Social Protection CS Simon Chelugui, is now pleading with the health workers to suspend the strike, slated for Monday next week. He says the government is progressively addressing their grievances.

He said the government has started this, by directing KEMSA to release Personal Protective Equipment (PPES) to the health workers in public hospitals.

I wish to call upon the union to suspend their strike of 7th December 2020 as the government works around the clock to address their grievances. Attending to all demands of the health workers will not be a switch on, switch off affair,” said Chelugui.

This comes as KMPDU chairperson Samuel Oroko says the government has neglected the plight of the doctors. They had held what was believed to be a promising meeting with the National Assembly Health committee which now appears to have done so little in trying to save the country from an impending health crisis.

The doctors had accused the government of failing to commit itself to fulfill its recommendation that would see the trike averted. Mwachonda said, “From the engagements we’ve had, there is now a tune that they want more time beyond the timelines that had been given by the Parliamentary Health Committee. That is why we’re saying there’s no more time because it’s about our lives, it’s about the soldiers who are on the frontline.

The Union Chair Dr. Samuel Oroko noted, “I want to remind the government that the healthcare workers you’re trying to mistreat, the healthcare workers you’re not listening to, are the same ones who treat you when you go to the hospitals, are the same ones who take care of you in your various homes.”

He added, “We know some governors have bought ventilators and created ICUs in their own bedrooms, Kenyans, I want to tell you that you’re on your own, the government doesn’t care for you anymore.”

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