Holy Dave

Almost everyone knows this man called Holy Dave. He has been in the industry for a while. He has served us hits such as “Wanna be“, “I can do it” and “Niko na reason“. His way with words and flow has the listener hanging on to every second of the song.

Of late, has been making news with his culinary skills on Instagram. Just within a short time of him being public about his kitchen abilities, he started getting endorsements from companies with food related products. This is clearly God’s favor working in his life.

Photo Credits: Nations

Before we digress too much, let’s get back on topic! Holy Dave has been on a spree of doing collaborations with young artists. He recently did “Wagithomo” with rapper Shira Soreal which did some rounds on the airwaves. About two days ago, he dropped a new song with two young artists namely; ‘Mkash‘ and ‘Jerebet‘ dubbed “More Of You‘ which is an absolute vibe.

He talks about his musical journey and sinning in spite of doing God’s work. The song is a cry for help yearning more of God’s presence. The video is simple and colorful. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should definitely go do that. We wish Holy Dave all the best in his ministry.

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