Former Auditor General Ouko says life is in danger

Former Auditor General Edward Ouko [photo: Hivisasa]

Dec, 3rd 2020 – Former Auditor General Edward Ouko says that he fears for his life after his security was withdrawn immediately he left office. Speaking before the National Assembly’s Constitution Implementation Oversight committee, Ouko claimed that the government is targeting to punish him for vacating the office last year.

He says that he feels that he is now at the hands of individuals he might have stepped on their toes while in office. He said, “Whereas we get a lot of security during the tenure, the critical point is that the security is more needed after the eight years because that is when those who may wish to harm you and may have harboured anything against you would try and execute their evil ways.”

Ouko assumed office as the Auditor General on August 27th 2011 and left in 2019 August. Described as bold, daring and fearless, he had run-ins with the government and remained a constant target of the jubilee administration with was unhappy with his audits that exposed widespread of corruption in various departments of the government not excluding Eurobond.

He survived an ouster by parliament after the High Court Judge George Odunga quashed a petition tabled by a Nairobi lawyer to investigate his conduct.

In the same year, he was accused by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for abuse of office and breach of procurement laws for allegedly awarding sh100 million software contract.

He added that he was left empty handed after serving the country and that his medical cover was terminated immediately he left office. He said, “Right now as it is, if I fall sick I would have to fall on my own resources to pay for hospital bills not to mention protection and security which were all withdrawn. That makes me say I am a very unhappy person as it is, having served eight years but I leave it to you.”

He added, “I really feel that if it were to be known to me that would be the case and the end of my eight years I would walk out just with a simple gratuity, no pension, no protection, no medical cover I think you can imagine how vulnerable I would have been during my eight years.”

He said that unlike other Kenyans in their nature of work are free to engage in economic activities, his job could not allow him. “On a personal level, the demand of the office ensured that I could not be involved in other economic activities as other Kenyans may have. I really feel I devoted a lot of my time and I didn’t have an opportunity to develop my little acreage which I have in Siaya.”

He added, “Therefore if a holder of the office of the Auditor General is not protected physically and financially post-service there is a high risk during tenure of office there could be vulnerability or compromise which could completely compromise our fight against corruption.”

He however noted that he is thankful for 8 years in service and proud with his tenure more so for establishing the critical office from scratch. “I believe I fulfilled my oath of office during the eight years. I worked without fear or favor and with dedication,” he said.

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