Deputy President now wants referendum held alongside 2022 polls

Deputy President Willian Ruto [photo: Kenyan report]

Dec, 3rd 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto and his allies, now want the BBI referendum pushed to 2022.

In a meeting at the DP’s home in Nairobi, the legislators suggested that the funds earmarked for the initiative, be redirected to mitigate the spread of covid-19, as well as support the recovery of micro and small enterprises.

The BBI amendment Bill was unveiled last week with the secretariat seeking at least one million signatures to validate it.

ODM Leader Raila Odinga had vowed that there was no room for further amendments declaring that “the train has left the station.”

However, Ruto addressing a press conference said that there is no hurry for a national referendum.

He said, “What is the hurry, a door should not be shut for better ideas. We are happy that some of the proposals we wanted done have been done but there is still much more room for improvement of the Bill.”

The resolution on the referendum to be pushed to 2022 alongside the General Election was made after Ruto met with 146 members of parliament, seven governors and other leaders to deliberate on BBI.

In proposing the referendum be pushed to 2022, they want the funds be directed to other urgent matters like the pandemic. Ruto and his allies also want that the referendum be structured in a way that enables Kenyans to vote for specific issues.

He said, “This is possible, we can have a referendum that is well structured with specific issues to be voted on as opposed to having a yes or no contest on all the issues.”

The DP also raised concerns over the unsustainability of an increase of more than 200 MPs and instead proposes that 47 women representatives be added, alongside the 47 senators.

The BBI referendum is as a result of the March handshake between the Head of state and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

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video: Youtube – Kenya news Alerts TV

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