Covid-19 vaccine: vulnerable groups to be given first priority

Dec, 2nd, 2020 – The Ministry of Health has said that once the Coronavirus Vaccine is approved for use in the country, vulnerable groups and healthcare workers will be given first priority.

Speaking on Tuesday, Health CAS Rashid Aman, said that the government has put in place mechanisms for the rollout of the vaccine.

He said 60 patients are set to undergo the AstraZeneca first trial, while more are also expected to participate.

AstraZeneca vaccine is one of the three vaccines that Kenya is taking part in trying to prove its efficacy.

Aman said, “It is progressing well in terms of recruitment of patients. Beyond those 40, there is a possibility that we will be moving to a larger number.

He added, “We are looking at the possibility of getting any of these vaccines once they become available and tested. The interim results do indicate the levels of safety and effectiveness of these.”

He also added that the government is hoping for the vaccine to be available for use soon as it following closely on the trial of the vaccine.

Hopefully as a country, we will be able to get these vaccines so that we can provide as a priority to our vulnerable groups of people including our healthcare workers and those with the underlying conditions.

The country has recorded a total of 84,169 cases with the number of deaths coming to 1,474 as five more patients have succumbed in the last 24 hours.

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