Kenya denies claims of interfering with Somali’s affairs

Principle Secretary Kamau Macharia [photo: Nairobi News Nation]

Dec, 1st 2020 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied claims that Kenya is interfering with Somalia’s political internal affairs. The  Ministry termed the allegations which have increased tensions between the two countries as untrue.

This follows a decision by Somalia on Sunday to expel Ambassador Lucas Tumbo over the allegations. The Somalia authorities have also called their ambassador toKenya, Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan.

According to the Somali Foreign Ministry, the decision came in response to Kenya’s interference in the upcoming elections in the Jubaland Regional state.

Mogadishu accused its western neighbor of pressuring the region’s president to implement actions in line with Kenyan economic and political interests, which jeopardizes the political agreement and diplomatic rules recently reached in the country.

Ali Nur said, “The government took this decision while preserving its national sovereignty after it appeared that Kenya was deliberately interfering in the affairs of Somalia, particularly Jubbaland.”

He added that, “The Somali government expresses its regret in the government of Kenya’s overt and blatant interferences in the internal and political affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia which has the potential to be a hindrance to the stability, security, and development of the entire region.’

Kenya however says it is yet to receive any formal notice asking Tumbo to leave Somalia.

A statement from the Ministry read that, “However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ attention has been drawn to a press statement purportedly released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

In his response, Principle Secretary Kamau Macharia said that Kenya regrets the decision and that Nairobi is evaluating Mogadishu’s decision and would respond through appropriate channels in good time.

He said, “This unexpected and unwarranted behavior of Somalia leadership is something that requires some digesting before we can speak to it. We will respond officially through the appropriate channels soon.”

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