Changes in BBI constitution amendment Bill lauded by ANC Leader

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi [photo: Scooper]

Nov, 27th 2020 – ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has lauded the few changes made in the BBI constitution amendment bill, saying important views were added to the document.

Mudavadi supported the changes where the loser of  the presidential election would be allowed to form an opposition coalition, if he or she does not attain the 25 percent of the total number of MPs in the house.

He said, the earlier proposal to recognize an official opposition from one party was unfair. “The verdict of ANC is that this document has been significantly improved. We want to announce that ANC will form its own platform of popularizing the document because we want to have a discussion with the people without unnecessary political noise.”

Mudavadi quoted the proposals that have been improved in the document including doing away with the proposals to have political parties pick commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and establishment of Kenya Police Council.

He said, “IEBC Commissioners were to be seven, four of whom were to be appointed by parliamentary political parties only. This proposal has been shelved altogether, meaning that appointment of IEBC shall remain as currently provided under the Constitution. This enhances IEBC’s independence.”

He also noted that the senate has been granted the power to vet the Judiciary Ombudsman and controller of Budget. He praised the decision on how the addition of 70 constituencies will be created and amendment on the Judiciary Ombudsman to have the holder be an ex officio member of the Judicial Service Commission.

Other proposals on the report have also been praised including a clear formula of achieving affirmative action for people with disabilities, youth and women.

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