China prohibits ‘religious extremism’ on foreigners

China’s President XI Jinping. [Photo: Financial Times]

Nov 27th 2020 – There is a current growing crackdown on organized religion in China, under President XI Jinping.

The ministry of Justice has published a new raft of measures calling for restrictions on operations of foreign worshipers.

According to the ministry the rules are set to prevent the spreading of religious extremism or use of religion to undermine China’s national unity.

Rights groups as well as Campaigns targeting Christian groups have been passing through re-education camps as a practice to make them face a clampdown.

The communist government has nonetheless licensed 5 official faiths – the Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, which are however always under constant supervision by the Protestant Three-Self Patriotic Movement or the Buddhist Association of China.

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