Sudan: Former Prime minister succumbs to Covid-19

Former Prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi [photo:]

Nov, 26th 2020 – Sudan is mourning the death of former Prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. Sadiq succumbed to coronavirus after being hospitalised for three weeks in the United Arab Emirates. His illness followed that of 21 other members of his family.

The 84-year-old Al-Mahdi was prime minister until 1989 when he was overthrown in a coup that brought former president Omar al-Bahir to power.

Umma party was one of the largest opposition parties under Bashir. Mahdi, even after Bashir was toppled over, remained an influential figure.

Al-Mahdi’s family, last month confirmed that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was transferred to the UAE for treatment after brief hospitalization in Sudan.

Mahdi had returned to Sudan in December 2018 after a year long self exile just as protests over the worsening state of economic conditions and Bashir’s rule gathered steam. His daughter and deputy leader of the Umma party, Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi was among those detained during the protests.

The Umma party in a statement said that Mahdi would be buried on Friday morning in the city of Omdurman in Sudan.

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