Vice Versa

On a rich track produced by Teddy B, Size 8 Reborn teams up with legendary Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando to birth an up beat track dubbed “Vice Versa“.

Rose Muhando is well known for classic songs like “Yesu Nakupenda” and “Nibebe“. She has been in the limelight since the early 2000s and she is still making her signature style music. Size 8 has also been on the steady rise in Gospel music ever since her salvation journey started, giving us hits like “Pale Plale“, “Mateke” and “Power Power” among many others.

The combination of these two women of worth is amazing! The song talks about God working against all the plans that were meant to bring them down. They acclaim that God is their go-to helper and protector. All the ill-hearted intentions people had for them went ‘vice versa’ by God’s grace.

Photo Credits: Muziki Mpya

The song gives hope that if God can do it for them then He can do it for you too. Being faithful in following God has it’s benefits and God standing by you in the face of adversity is part of them.

The video is really colorful. The location was Rustic Haven, a very scenic place. The head of the project was none other than Size 8’s husband, Dj Mo and the video director being Young Wallace who is a renown video director. The dancers in the video added a very nice touch to it as well. The audio leaned more on Rose Muhando’s element but Size 8 worked it well.

We wish these two amazing ladies all the best in their ministry.

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