Nairobi Senator opposes Badi’s move in matatu ban

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja [photo: The Star]

Nov, 25th 2020 – Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja terms the move by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services to ban public service vehicles from accessing the CBD as untimely.

He stated while faulting NMS Director general Mohammed Badi that the project is based on the assumption that poor people in Nairobi are the problem. In his quest, sakaja has vowed to oppose the attempt. 

He said, “Let us avoid being an elitist society that thinks the problem in Nairobi is a poor person, it is not. In fact, if anything private vehicles are causing more congestion in the city than the PSVs. One matatu is taking 30 people, while you find one individual driving a car.”

He stated that without addressing the concerns, NMS would be discriminating against Nairobians who don’t own or cannot afford cars. He said, “Imagine a sick old man or a woman being dropped at Globe Cinema to walk all the way to Uhuru Highway across here to Railway Golf Club to get a matatu to Kenyatta National Hospital.”

Over the years, solving Nairobi’s traffic problem has been a serious talk for both the county and National governments. He told the courts that, “The move by Governor Mike Sonko to ban matatus from the CBD is premature, and unfair to ordinary citizens. You don’t ban matatus before providing alternatives for commuters.”

Sakaja went ahead and accused NMS boss Badi of being out of touch and acting irrationally in regard to what is happening on ground refering to his constant failure of engaging with the leadership of the County and industry stakeholders on better solutions. He said, “Let us have a human mind and I have told NMS that they must stop behaving as if they cannot work with other leaders.”

He added, “Until they’ve provided a proper alternative for the ordinary mwananchi, let that ban not be put in force.

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