Covid-19: UK Leaders to ease restrictions over Christmas holidays

Nov, 25th 2020 – Leaders of all four UK nations have come up with a deal that will allow families to meet over the Christmas holidays. A source speaking to BBC said that details on how the coronavirus restrictions will be eased shall be announced soon.

According to a joint statement by the administration of all 4 UK nations, that is England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland,- this arrangement will be in force from December 23rd to 27th. BBC Scotland’s chief political correspondent have said that up to three households will be allowed to come together to celebrate the festive season between 23rd and 27th of December.

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon said that she would continue to urge people to err on the side of caution. Glen Campbell says that they will be able to meet in each other’s homes, places of worship and in an outdoor space. The groupings are however expected to be exclusive meaning that you cannot meet with people from more than two other households.

He added that the leaders of the nation are expected to urge Britons to use any new flexibility sparingly as public health officials are worried that Christmas get togethers could cause a spike in the cases come January.

Speaking ahead of a meeting of the UK government’s emergency committee Cobra, Welsh First Minisster Mark Drakeford cautioned any extra freedoms should not be an instruction to do risky things.

Sturgeon also stressed that any changes will be temporary and limited. She added that the details may differ to reflect different circumstances in different nations, for example the definition of a household.

“I know everyone has a desire to see loved ones over the festive period. However, there is also a very real and a very legitimate anxiety that doing so could put those we love at risk, set back our progress as a country and result in unnecessary deaths and suffering.”

Chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty said on Monday that there is a balance that needs to be struck between the harm the virus can cause and the societal and economic impacts of trying to control it.

He has called for a public spirited approach. This means that adhering to the restrictions as we approach Christmas, being responsible with the opportunity the relaxation gives people and then immediately switching back to compliance.

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