Mama Lucy Hospital: CEO and Administrator cleared from child trafficking case

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital [Photo: Hivisasa]

Nov, 24th 2020 – Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital chief executive Dr. Emma Mutio and administrator Dr. Regina Musembi have been cleared by the court of criminal liability in the child trafficking scandal.

This verdict followed DPP Noordin Haji’s ruling that the investigation had not linked them to the serious crime punishable by a jail term of 30 years. The two were cleared alongside clinicians Juliana Mbete Kimwele and Beatrice Njambi Njoroge.

State Prosecutor Caroline Kirimi said, “There is no evidence linking Dr. Mutio, Dr. Musembi, Ms. Kimwele and Ms. Njoroge to the child trafficking scandal, therefore they will not be charged with any offence.”

Haji however said he would charge NMS Deputy Director of Medical Services Musa Mohammed since investigations supported a case against them.

Dr. Ramadhan fell ill and has been admitted at the Kenyatta National hospital ever since. Those who will be charged include Clinical officer Makallah Leparan who was arrested along side the top Mama Lucy officials.

The lead detective had sought orders from the court to detain the suspects for at least 10 days to conclude their investigations. According to the footage from the BBC Africa Eye recorded though secret cameras, the court was informed that Leparan could be seen clearly negotiating the selling price of babies at the Mama Lucy hospital.

The detective at the time said, “The respondent is seen receiving a substantial sum of money after handing over three children to the journalist. The three Children were later found at Imani Rehabilitation Agency.”

According to The BBC Africa Eye exposé, an organized gang of criminals have been stealing children from homless mothers and selling thrm for as little as sh 45,000.

According to the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai, the arrests came after police uncovered a child trafficking syndicate in Nairobi.

Apart of the statement by Mutyambai read, “During an operation by police to unearth the organized crime, police officers noted with a lot of concern that local public hospitals and children homes within Nairobi are involved. In the course of the investigations and operations, it is unfortunate that it was realised senior medical officers in collision with the child smugglers are highly involved.”

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