DCI reopen cases of 2007 polls violence

DCI boss George Kinoti [photo: Kenyan news]

Nov, 24th 2020 – Victims of the 2007/2008 post election violence, have revived cases of the horror atrocities committed, after the polls. Addressing the victims, director of criminal investigations, George Kinoti says that the victims claim to have received new threats.

He said, “We have registered around 72 cases from those whose wives, husbands, children were killed we have recorded cases of some who were driven out of their homes, we have 118 cases in total registered today with complainants and witnesses.”

Kinoti also assured the victims that the investigations will ensure justice is done. He further said that the victims who record the statements will remain anonymous to the public, to protect them from the suspects of the atrocities.

He said, “I do not want to regionalize cases by stating the regions from where those who have registered the cases come from…As DCI, we are welcoming all Kenyans afflicted by this problem.”

The DCI boss has vowed to do whatever it takes to bring the perpetrators of the post-election violence to book, promising that that will happen very soon.

He said, “Very soon you will see the outcome of this event. We will look for them, I know they are waiting for another poll violence to occur. Let them try again. We will follow the truth, prepare all the files and say this is the person who killed this person.”

The revival of the cases will definitely meet different reactions, especially from the political class. This has been seen as Deputy President William Ruto allies have claimed that the fresh investigation is a desperate move to bring down the DP.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen said, “They want to incite violence against communities in Rift Valley, especially Eldoret, to weaken the DP’s political strength in Mt Kenya. They may even burn houses or kill people.”

Governor Jackson Madango linked the efforts to the ICC cases against Ruto claiming that it is a political move. He said, “We don’t want any artificial and manufactured problems like what Kinoti is now trying to do. From Kinoti’s statement, it’s evident that he is operating from a very unusual position.”

He has demanded that the cases should not be used to settle political differences.

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