It’s time to consider priorities of the country, says Supkem

[Photo: The Standard]

Nov, 23rd 2020 – Muslim leaders have called for a more inclusive process to amend the Constitution. Although the Building Bridges Initiative report constitutes proposals that are of a constitutional, policy, legislative and administrative nature, they say that President Uhuru Kenyatta should ensure there is full participation of the people.

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) acting Chairperson Hassan ole Naado, said, “The instructions to mobilize for the support of the document and sanction those against will create an atmosphere of fear, which is not conducive for a constitutional moment.

Naado added that the document should not be engineered by a partisan side and in the control of a few. He added saying, “We have seen selective delegations being lobbied to support these proposals. We are seeing a section calling for amendments with the other declaring that the doors for any amendments are shut.”

Giving reference to the Covid-19 pandemic, National Muslim Leaders Forum chair Abdullahi Abdi said that there was no need to rush the amendment as the country is still facing a more serious issue. He added that it is time to stay focused and consider priorities of the country.

He said, “We are neither in the mental nor the financial state to amend the Constitution. Please postpone the process; let us address the Covid-19 issue first. The document requires one to know the various articles of the Constitution to understand the changes being proposed.

Naado said, “The document is a major drawback on the gains made by the 2010 Constitution.

The religious leaders noted that the report will lessen and lower the levels of representation in the National Assembly of low population constituencies. Naado adds that if the document is passed as it is, it would make the office of the President very powerful, terming it as a recipe for future violent elections.

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