David's racism

Most of you were probably wondering where famous Churchill Show comedian was. Well, he is in the United States of America where he moved to around three years ago.

He picked up his new gig as a Lyft driver a while back. He is on our screens once again but not as a comic act but as a man who has faced blatant racism. He picked up a man called Joe who was together with his wife and started driving them to their destination.

We all know that with the strict COVID 19 measures, everyone has to have their mask on in public and when in any form of public transportation.

Photo Credits: Nairobi Leo

However, while talking to KIRO 7 TV, David the student reported that the couple had their masks on when they got into the vehicle but as the ride continued, the man removed his mask. David instructed the man politely to put his mask back on but he did not oblige. He then pulled over and told them that the trip was over since the man wouldn’t comply.

That’s when all hell broke loose. The white man (Joe) broke into a rant calling David the “N-word”. The wife pleaded with the man to stop but he wouldn’t listen. At some point, the white man even wanted to take a short call in David’s car. David was taking a video of the whole incident the whole time so that if asked by his employer (Lyft) to explain what happened, he would have evidence.

David’s roommate first posted this video online and David the student posted it after. The video is now on hundreds of thousands of views. Talking to the TV station that aired the story, David further stated that he noticed that the man’s problem was not in wearing the mask but that a black man was telling him what to do.

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