Covid-19: Oxford vaccine shows potential of 90% protection

[Photo: Financial times]

Nov, 23rd 2020 – A large-scale trial shows that the Oxford University developed covid-19 vaccine, stops 70% of people from developing symptoms. The oxford jab is much cheaper than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine which have exhibited 95% protection.

It is further stated that if perfected the Oxford vaccine could increase protection up to 90%.  If approved by its regulators, it will play a major role in tackling the pandemic as it is also easier to store across the globe.

The vaccine’s architect, Prof Sarah Gilbert said, “The announcement today takes us another step closer to the time when we can use vaccines to bring an end to the devastation caused by the virus.

The UK government has already pre-ordered 100 million doses of the oxford vaccine enough to immunize 50 million people. The success of this vaccine has been seen in around 10 months, a process that is known to last a decade.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his excitement saying that it is incredibly exciting news and that as there are still safety checks to come, “these are fantastic results.” The vaccine has been in development in around 10 months a process that normally takes decades.

There are two results from a trials of more than 20,000 volunteers in the UK and Brazil. There has been 30 cases of covid-19 in people who received two dozes of the vaccine with 101 cases in people who received a dummy injection. Proving better than the seasonal flu jab, researchers say that it has worked out at 70 percent protection. Nobody getting the vaccine needed hospital treatment or developed severe Covid.

The trial’s lead investigator, Prof Andrew Pollard said that he is very pleased with the results as it means that the world now has a vaccine for Covid, meaning that a lot more doses would be needed for distribution.

The analysis suggested that there was reduction in the number of people being infected without developing any symptoms, who are still thought to be able to spread the virus.

Care home residents and staff will be the first to get the vaccine followed by healthcare workers and over 80s. The plan is to work down through the age groups.

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