Tom & Jerry

Now, this might not be for the kids who are growing up right now. This is probably for the 80s and 90s babies. This, my friends, was a big treat! As a 90s baby myself, I remember being glued to the TV watching episodes of Tom & Jerry for hours.

The love/hate relationship between them was always a rib-cracker. Tom was always on a mission to break Jerry and this was the backbone of the show. No matter where you came from, when you went to school you at least had something to talk about with your peers thanks to Tom & Jerry.

Photo from: Pintrest

You can imagine the excitement that is there among many millennials who grew up watching Tom & Jerry because of the announcement that a Tom & Jerry movie will be debuted on 23rd December 2020. We can’t keep calm!

With all that is happening in the world right now, we need a get-away even if it’s for two and a half hours. We need to grab our pop corn, sit back, relax, forget about corona virus and have a good laugh. We are eager to see which angle they’ll take in regards to the plot of the movie.

Make sure you keep it Pearl Radio for a movie review once it’s out!

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