Fresh Prince Reunion

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the show that made Will Smith the household name that he is today. From this show, his star started shining and it has never stopped ever since!

It has been 25 years since the cast of this great series met up and just a day ago, they did their reunion. The reunion was purposed to shoot an episode of the show in an identical set which is meant to walk the fans through their creative process. The had an introspective session where they were reminiscing about how they were left out of boardroom meetings. Their role was to purely recite lines but not to make decisions.

They were happy to sell the image of a black family on television as it was something that was not very common on at the time. Black families were able to switch on the television and see something they could relate to.

Photo credits: Entertainment Tonight

We are really excited to see how this episode will turn out although the absence of Uncle Phil (James Avery) who passed away on December 31st 2013 will definitely be felt. He was the rock of the household and the Fresh Prince family and the world in general really felt the pinch of his passing. May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

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