US records a quarter million COVID-19 deaths

US physician Anthony Fauci. [PHOTO: TRT World]

Nov 19th 2020 – The United States has recorded more than 250, 000 Coronavirus deaths.

According to reports by Johns Hopkins University, the country has now reported 250, 029 COVID-19 fatalities, and close to 11.5 million cases.

The reports also show that the US has more infections and a higher death toll than any other country worldwide.

A top American physician and immunologist Anthony Fauci, stated that, “ the country was heading in the wrong direction at a very precarious time

The New York City, which recorded more cases in the country in the spring, has ordered for the closure of schools from Thursday.

This  follows a spike in the number of new infections. 

Officials say, the closing of schools, will affect some 300,000 children.

Some states are also introducing new restrictions, including Minnesota and Kentucky, which on Wednesday, ordered all restaurants and bars to temporarily stop indoor eating.

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