Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone is definitely not a stranger to our airwaves. From his earlier hits like ‘Talanta‘ which featured MajiMaji and ‘Wacha Iwe‘ featuring Gloria Muliro, he has stayed on top of the Gospel scene for a while. Most people now a days know him for his online controversies.

He is constantly calling out artists like Willy Paul and Bahati in regards to their faith. He refers to himself as the chairman of Gospel music in Kenya. What do you think? His quest for looking for a wife to share his wealth with has also been a topic of discussion to many. How could we not talk about his captions with broken English? I tell you this man is a character and a half.

Beyond his controversies, we cannot deny the music that he makes. He teamed up with Christina Shusho four years ago on the song ‘Tenda Wema‘ which worked out beautifully and just yesterday, they gave us one more tune!

Photo Credits: The Star

The song is called ‘Omba‘ which is a testament to how some people may want bad things to happen to you but God always has your back. The song urges believers to pray and wait upon the Lord so as to renew their strength. It is a catchy and danceable tune that music lovers would definitely enjoy.

This duo is undeniably talented and we pray that they will always be around to give us great music.

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