KSSHA: 13 Principals have succumbed to Covid-19

Nov, 18th 2020 – Kenya Secondary School Heads Association has reported that 13 principals have succumbed to Covid-19 since the phased reopening in October this year. The Association chair Kahi Indimuli, stated that a high infection rate among institutions’ managers will negatively affect learning.

He now urges adherence to anti-virus regulations to ensure the resumption of learning is smooth when all schools reopen on January 4.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion also confirmed that schools are not prepared concerning the government health guidelines that are put in place for safety of leaners and teachers.

Speaking to Citizen Tv this morning, Sossion said, “Schools are not adequately prepared If learners are coming to schools without masks, what are teachers to do? We must see tangible & measurable preparations between now & January. Teachers with any form of illness must not go to school.”

He added, “There are over 30 COVID-19 deaths of teachers in the last 4 weeks. How can the Govt. provide desks & other funding but not masks for learners? Govt. must invest in schools in January. If Govt. does not prepare, schools will be turned into death traps.”

The announcements were made hours after a video clip of students from Oyugis Girls Secondary School mourning the death of their principal circulated on social media.

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