Mercedes boss Wolff expects to start contract talks with Hamilton


Nov, 17th 2020 – Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says he expects to start talks with Lewis Hamilton over a new contract within a few days. Hamilton became the most successful Formula 1 driver in history on Sunday as he clinched his seventh world title. His contract expires this year but he has says that he wants to stay at Mercedes.

Hamilton’s seventh title, secured with his 94th career victory in Turkey on Sunday, equals the achievement of Michael Schumacher, but the Briton ranks as F1’s most successful ever driver because he surpassed the German’s record of 91 wins last month. He also has more pole positions than anyone else.

Wolff told BBC sport that, “Flying back from a seventh drivers’ championship, you can’t talk about a contract. It wouldn’t do justice to the achievement. We’re going to give it a few days then we are going to talk about it. Our relationship is much beyond business, it is one of friendship, one of trust.

He added that, “This one day of negotiations is something we don’t enjoy as it’s the only time where we are not having shared objectives. The best deal is one where both parties walk off not completely satisfied.”

Wolff and Hamilton had put off contract talks because they wanted to secure the drivers’ and constructors’ championship first. Due to the pandemic, the situation was complicated and neither wanted to increase Hamilton’s risk of contracting the virus which could have derailed his season.

Speaking on Monday in a 5 Live Special on Hamilton Broadcast, Wolff said, “It’s a bizarre situation because we’ve been talking about it for a while, we’ve really just got to find a day where we sit down.”

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