Magoha: Schools to fully reopen on January 4th

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha [photo: The Star]

Nov, 17th 2020 – Education CS professor George Magoha and education stakeholder have stated that schools will reopen on 4th January 2021. This reopening which is termed as the first term will end on the 19th of March, then go on a seven week break to allow for national examinations and marking. 

The third term will commence on 10th May and run till 16th July 2021. Those students in grade four and class eight graduates will remain at home as others finalize their learning. Magoha further assured parents that the reopening shall be safe and that the school calendar will likely normalize in 2023. He also said that schools are the safest environment for learners as the Covid-19 infections rate surge.

He said, “I wish to assure the country that the Government is determined to ensure a safe reopening and learning of our schools. In doing so, we are drawing important lessons from the partial reopening that has taken place since October. We are confident that we will remain on the right trajectory to finding the winning formula that will ensure our learning institutions are safe for our learners and teachers.

Teachers Service Commission CEO Nancy Macharia, also said that teachers shall now receive medical cover for covid-19 and its related diseases. She said, “As this is a Presidential directive, your employers will not sack you. TSC has negotiated for teachers to be covered for Covid-19 related illnesses.” She also urged teachers aged 58 years and above to stay at home.

What needs to be done is to ensure the safety of learners as they resume schools. The government is already trying to deliver more infrastructure to ensure social distance between students. Magoha urged benefactors to help in the supply of masks for students. He said, “As we prepare the schools for reopening, the most important constant is going to be the masks. We already have some mask in store to cater to the poor but we don’t mind getting any extra.

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