Talking in an interview with Nairobi Wire, Pitson shared some details about his life and journey in the music industry which was really moving.

First and foremost, he described his career as a process stating that he has gone through many ups and downs that didn’t make sense to him at the time they were happening but looking back, they shaped him into aligning with God’s purpose over his life.

He talked about his family life and how his fame affected it. He stated that pride got so much to his head that he brought the ‘superstar attitude’ back home. He went further to state that because of this, God took him through a very tough time which humbled him.

Photo from: Nairobi News – Nation

There has been a lot of talks about secular artists writing gospel songs and the credibility of it all and upon being asked to weigh in on the matter, he gave a metaphor about a Kenyan not knowing enough about Belgian culture. This meaning that a person has to be in the faith to know enough about it to sing about it.

He urges people not to take shortcuts in life because the life stages have a lot to teach which they wouldn’t want to miss out on. We absolutely subscribe to this message.

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