World Kindness Day!


Nov, 13th 2020 – World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on the 13th of November to promote the virtue of kindness. This day was launched in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement to encourage the values of humanity which can further help in building the world a better place. This organization was formed at a Tokyo conference of like minded kindness organization from the world in 1997. The day is dedicated to the act of kindness and doing good deeds as an individual or as an organization.

This day can be celebrated by performing various acts of kindness such as;

  1. Helping the needy or anyone who is in need
  2. Expressing thanks to your boss, parents, elders, teachers and other people.
  3. Feeding the poor or street children
  4. Kindness to the community like taking care of your surrounding like cleaning parks nearby and roads.
  5. Offer your help to those in need
  6. dedicate the day to spreading positivity starting with what you share on social media

It may seem that there is no time to be kind or show some kindness to the World with thousands of people having succumbed to the Covid-19 pandemic, animals going extinct, icebergs melting, with hunger claiming lives and not to forget war torn countries.

On a daily basis, people risk their lives to help others for example those who are sick, teaching children and so on. Psychologist Lisa Damour, author of Untangled and Under Pressure and Co host of “Ask Lisa” podcast says, “Selfless acts of kindness don’t just help the person on the receiving end. Research finds that altruistic behavior activates the very same regions in the brain that are enlivened by rewards or pleasurable experiences.”

She continues to say, “Remarkably, helping others also causes the brain to release hormones and protein-like molecules, known as neuropeptides, that lower stress and anxiety levels. Here’s the bottom line: doing good is good for you.”

World kindness day is not only dedicated to kindness towards others but also to oneself. Some of the activities that one can do to practice kindness on themselves are:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Go to sleep earlier
  3. Drink less, do not stress drink
  4. be kind to yourself

In the present time, the day is one of the unofficial observed days and it remains the hope of the World Kindness Movement to attain official recognition status by the United Nations. In hopes that they will be successful in the efforts, World Kindness Day will join the ranks of recognized days of observance such as the International Day of Peace, World Health Day and Human Rights Day.

Remember, Be kind, mot just to others, but to yourself too.

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