Rights Watchdog Condemns Nigerian Government

Protesters in Nigeria during anti-police brutality demonstrations [Photo: BBC News]

Nov 13th 2020 – The Human Rights Watchdog (HRW), wants Nigeria’s government, to reverse its action of blocking, the bank accounts of anti-police brutality protesters.

The Rights Watchdog is also demanding fines to all persons and organizations, related to the police brutality demonstrations, dismissed. For those who have already paid their fines, the group wants the money refunded to the individuals.

The HRW, said the actions by the Nigerian government, go against human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Any attempts to suppress legitimate protests and genuine calls for accountability ,by arbitrarily blocking funds would be a gross abuse of power,” said Anietie Ewang, Nigerian researcher at HRW.

In a statement, the rights watchdog also condemned the fining of media organizations for covering of the demosntrations.

The authorities should immediately remove all punitive financial measures that appear to have been placed on individuals or organizations simply for providing information or supporting people exercising their fundamental rights,” read part of the statement.

There have been threats of fresh demonstrations, against the blocking of the accounts, of key protesters.

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