Ministry of Education to unveil 2021 calendar in 14 days

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha [photo:]

Nov, 13th 2020 – The ministry of Education will in 14 days, announce the 2021 school calendar. This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta gave the order during the state of the nation address in parliament on Thursday 12th November. The president also affirmed that schools will reopen in January 2021 for the rest of the learners.

He said, “As a parent and a grandparent, I share in the pain and frustration of most parents in having our children home for nearly an entire year. However, as a responsible Government we put the health and safety of the Children as the paramount consideration.

He also revealed public schools will get new classrooms and other infrastructure to be able to deal with the existing and new intake, an initiative meant to be concluded in 24 months. He also said that there was need to construct dormitories and called on the Ministry of Education to work with the ministry of transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development to make it happen. He said, “The ministries Should issue a new set of building guidelines for school infrastructure, that allows the use of appropriate and cost-effective building technologies suited to the varied geographies of our Nation by 1st December.

As the country is witnessing a second wave of the Coronavirus, emergence of Covid-19 cases in learning institutions where students are already in session has proved worrisome for parents and guardians. However, the president has assured that there should be no cause for alarm since the ministry is monitoring the situation. “The gradual and phased reopening of schools that began with the examination classes is being carefully monitored at all levels so as to ensure that our Young Kenyans are safe and secure as they continue preparing for their national examinations.”

He also noted the achievements in the successful rollout of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Despite the challenges at the beginning, He noted that the transformation has been embraced by the stakeholders in the Education sector.

Meanwhile the president has insisted that the BBI report must culminate with the review if the constitution to make the necessary changes that will foster Unity.  In his address the head of state reiterated that the changes are not to benefit any individual but for the good of the nation. He also assured parents that no child will be left behind when schools reopen including those who have become young mothers too.

The President said, “I assure this distinguished sitting that the journey to replace the 8.4.4 system with the new fit-for-purpose curricula, is well underway, and refinements are being undertaken in the course of implementation. Even as we prepare to reopen schools, no child will be left behind, even those that have regrettably transitioned into being young parents.”

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