Kaki Mwihaki releases new single ‘Asante’

Kaki Mwihaki

Kaki Mwihaki has been on a roll this year! She is doing extremely well.

She released her song ‘Tegemeo’ on March 5th which has now gathered about 638,000 views on YouTube. She later on released ‘Tabibu’ on August 6th which has now summed to a total of 409,000 views on YouTube. These are not easy numbers to gather for any artist so we can clearly see the hand of God working in her career.

We all know her from the legendary music group “Adawnage” which she happens to be a founder of.

Photo from: Buzz Central

This time around, Kaki hopes to lift your spirits by making you move with a dance-ready praise song. “Asante” simply means “thank you” in English, and the song sees the talented vocalist sing praises to her maker in her silky soprano over the vibrant Afrobeats production, complete with sweet melodies and lush guitars.

The chorus sees Kaki sing “thank you” in multiple African languages, a touch sure to get you in a mood of gratitude. Kaki is currently working on her debut album, and she’s definitely an artist worth following, as her music journey unfolds. For now, enjoy “Asante”!

We wish Kaki Mwihaki all the best in her ministry.

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