Independent candidate withdraws from race to support ODM in Msambweni

Sharlet Akinyi [photo: Tuko]

Nov, 11th 2020 – An independent candidate in the Msambweni by election has quit the race. Sharlet Akinyi has now joined the ODM party where she states she grew in and is supporting Omar Boga. This is following her efforts to convince Deputy President William Ruto to support her on a Jubilee party ticket but failed. 

Announcing her latest move, she said she would now back ODM candidate Omari Boga during the by-elections. In a meeting in Diani with Omari’s campaigners, she said, despite her hopping, she is a dedicated ODM member and would back its candidate during the by-elections.

Hinting that her decision was as a result of an appeal by Odinga that they all back Omari. she said, “I have been a member of ODM party. Despite the party hopping, I have changed my mind and chosen to support the ODM candidate just like the party leader Raila had advised me to.” She said that Raila hosted all candidates for the seat in september and urged them to withdraw in support of Omari.

Nominated MCAs Hanifa Mwajirani and Najma Mwandoto welcomed Akinyi and her team in the ODM camp as Omari is still in isolation battling Covid-19. Mwajirani said, “We welcome Akinyi and her team to ODM camp and from today we will work together in campaigning for Omar Boga until he gets the seat come December 15.

Mwandoto added that two weeks ago Akinyi and her group called Omari for a meeting to withdraw from aspiring for the seat in his favor. “When two weeks ago Akinyi called Boga for a meeting asking to withdraw in his favour, Boga never declined the favour, he welcomed it and since he has been ill with Corona virus disease he asked his campaign committee together with us the MCAs to meet and talk to them.”

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