County Assembly passes supplementary budget to boost flagship projects

Governor Anne Waiguru [photo: The Star]

Nov, 10th 2020 – Kirinyaga County Assembly has passed a supplementary budget that will now  boost flagship projects initiated by Governor Anne Waiguru. Of these projects, there is the ongoing construction of Kerugoya Hospital Medical Complex and the Wezesha Kirinyaga agricultural projects.

The hospital will be equipped with an intensive care unit, a high dependency unit and cancer center. The governor has said that the hospital project is 80 percent complete and it will bring relief to the residents of Kirinyaga since they will receive diverse specialized care services which in the past they have been referred to hospitals outside the county.

Governors have commended the quality of the construction despite being constructed in a short period of time. The five storey medical complex will raise Kerugoya level four hospital to a level five referral hospital. The hospital will have a HDU, ICU a cancer center and many other amenities that offer high end medical services.

In management of the Covid-19 situation currently, the hospital will help boost management of the virus as a 200 bed capacity isolation ward will be set up after one wing is complete.

The Wezesha project will increase agricultural productivity in Kirinyaga to improve farmers’ livelihoods. Funds have been allocated for construction of a tomato processing factory, a milk processing factory and an avocado Packhouse as the three are the biggest winners in the county.

The construction of a modern market has also been budgeted for to ensure that the traders have a condusive environment to conduct their businesses. This is an addition to the 11 markets that have already been constructed by Governor Waiguru’s administration.

Governor Waiguru has said it over and over that her main focus is to implement projects that will give money to the residents to improve their living standards.

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