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We have had the privilege to get some exciting new gospel music videos the past few weeks. Who doesn’t like some elevating new tunes? It is definitely a beautiful time for music lovers in the faith.

Let’s have a quick look at some of them:

Called Out Music – ‘Other Side’ (Released on 30th October 2020)

I believe most of us, if not everybody absolutely love Called Out Music. His eloquence and music mastery is a sight to behold. The message he carries in his music is beautiful and hope filling.

Photo from: Step FWD UK Christian Chat

A week ago, the man dropped an absolutely beautiful jam called ‘Other Side‘ The message in the song revolves around the fact that struggles make us grow stronger. He points out the need to keep trusting God.

He says, “Hold on, wait a minute. I’ll be fine if Jesus is in it.”. Making it to the other side in the context of this song refers to the better days that are yet to come.

‘All Of Me’ – ASAP Preach ft Jysa BP, Blizz & Kamban (Released on October 10th 2020)

Every time I see ASAP Preach I think about his beautiful song ‘Now I Know‘. I was in awe of the honesty and vulnerability. Well, the man has done it again!

His new song “All Of Me” is an introspective tune. ASAP reflects on his brokenness and wayward past. He talks about surrendering himself to Jesus’ will as well. Blizz talks about how God came through for him evern after he cursed His name and Kamban talks about the same and on top of that, a past that was filled with drug selling and taking alcohol.

Photo from: Shazam

Jysa BP does the track justice with the amazing vocals on the chorus. This track goes on to remind us that God’s grace doesn’t choose people, it is available for everyone and that God doesn’t call the qualified but the willing.

Austin French – ‘Jesus Can’ (Released on October 27th 2020)

Guys this jam is a treat! The musical arrangement is heavenly. The choir in the supporting vocals makes the tune so full. Austin talks about growing up in a broken family and dealing with the trauma as a little boy. However, he clearly points out that Jesus changed his story to a glorious one.

Photo from: Shine FM Ohio

The video is really simple which leaves the viewer with a lot of space to marinate the message in the song. “Wounds become scars and scars become stories” is what he says. This song reminds us that only Jesus can change our narratives from shame to having a name.

Maryanne Imani – ‘Change My Story’ (Released on 25th October 2020)

Now guys, of course we have to bring it back home! This is our very own Kenyan – bred songbird. Speaking on the “Bambika” show on 8th November 2020, she pointed out that her introduction to singing came while she was in primary school in Kikuyu where she led choruses for her peers.

Gospo Media

She drops a new song dubbed ‘Change My Story‘ which is a full on worship song. She talks to God asking Him to change her story for His glory. She points out that God is a God of changing destinies. The lyrics are heartfelt and the video is really colorful. It includes cameos from artists such as Timeless Noel and Masterpiece.

We sure do wish all the artists featured here today all the best in their ministries. Have yourselves a blessed week!

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