Tigray: Ethiopian Prime minister vows to continues Millitary offensive

Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed [photo: 7news]

Nov, 6th 2020 – The Ethiopian prime minister has vowed to continue a military offensive in the northern state of Tigray amid concerns it could descend into civil conflict. Tensions between the state and the federal government have been building for months.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has accused Tigrayan forces of attacking a federal army base. In a statement, Debretsion Gebremichael said that resources would be mobilized in preparation for a conflict. Meanwhile the Tigrayan president said that his region was in a state of war.

In a televised address, Mr Abiy said that the millitary’s operation was a success and would continue as the launch was in response to a deadly attack on millitary camp.


On Wednesday morning, he said that he had ordered a millitary offensive after an army base was taken over by forces loyal to the regional government accusing Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) of launching the attack which resulted in many injuries and property damage.

Mr. Debretsion confirmed that the fight was going on in the western part of his region that borders Amhara. He said that members of soldiers from Amhara as well as federal troops joined to fight Tigrayan forces. He said that his forces seized almost all the weaponry from the Nothern Command Headquarters. “The people of Tigray shouldn’t be attacked with the weapons in Tigray. We are fully armed now. We are not inferior to them in terms of weaponry, maybe better.”

Deputy army chief Berhanu Jula spoke at a press conference in Addis Ababa saying, “Our country has entered into a war it didn’t anticipate. This war is shameful, it is senseless. We’re working to ensure the war won’t come to the centre of the country. It will end there.

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