Sudan closes its borders with Ethiopia amid unrest in Tigray

[PHOTO: News Central]

Nov, 6th 2020 – Sudan has closed its borders separating it from Ethiopia following the tension erupting in Ethiopia. Governor Fateh al-Rahman al-Amin announced the closure of the border between Kassala State and Ethiopia from today until further notice.

The government of Sudan’s Kassala state said in a statement that the action is meant to stop fighters in Ethiopia from crossing the frontier. Kassala governor plans to travel to the border areas to assess the situation in terms of security.

Sudan closing its borders comes after the Ethiopian Prime Minister vows to continue the millitary offensive in the northern state of Tigray. Mr. Abiy claimed that the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front attacked the Ethiopian National Defence Forces and “attempted to rob” artillery from the facility.

The attack on the Northern Command (of ENDF) has been premised on TPLF viewing the Ethiopian National Defence Forces as a foreign army rather than an army that has been protecting the people of Tigray for more than twenty years. “Resultantly, TPLF has chosen to wage war in Dalshah,” the Prime Minister’s office noted.

The government on Tuesday had ordered troops to launch attacks on forces of the regional administration in Tigray raising the ante in a conflict between Addis Ababa and the autonomous part of the country. Ahmed claimed that the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) had crossed the last red line after ambushing Ethiopian forces.

On both sides of the conflict, security forces sustained injuries. Berhanu Jula, the deputy chief of army told reporters on Thursday , “Our country has entered into a war it didn’t anticipate, the conflict will not spread. The war will not come to the center. It will end.” US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called for immediate action to restore peace and to deescalate the tensions.

Sudan has planned to form a committee that will look into civilians who may seek refuge in Sudanese territory.

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