Refurbished Tom Mboya statue to be unveiled soon

Tom Mboya statue [Photo: Wikipedia]

Nov, 6th 2020 – The monument of former trade unionist and Cabinet minister Tom Mboya, is set to be unveiled afresh after pulling down the initial for refurbishing.

The statue which was unveiled by President Mwai Kibaki in 2011 has been idolised by many Kenyans reminding them of the important piece of history the unionist left while fighting for democracy. Tom Mboya was one of the most prominent personalities in Kenya’s History. The statue was erected in honor of the Independence Politician who was assassinated in 1969. Standing just 20 metres from where he was assassinated, stationed along Moi Avenue.

The statue was pulled down on the 13th of September. Rehabilitation of the statue followed public cries over its state. It was ferried to the National Museums of Kenya. According to Mzalendo Kibunjia, the museums Director general, Great Levels Limited, the contractors were awarded sh4 million by the Sports Fund for the facelift.

The statue will now be surrounded by barriers that will prevent anybody from accessing it. An architect and designer with the National Museums, Samson Malaki says, “It is designed in such a way that nobody can climb all the way up to the statue like before. We have put in place mechanisms and ensured that even if they jump in, they will not be able to climb up because of the slanting polished tiles that are three metres high.”

The statue will have plaques at the bottom on all the four sides. Around the statue, four fountains and a symbol that will represent his ancestral home in Homa Bay County, Rusinga Island.

For security purposes, a CCTV camera will be at the National Archives building. security guards are also expected to be at the site around the clock. Other steps to ensure that the monument does not get vandalised again are that notices will be put in place to warn the public against jumping in, with night lights around for the residents to appreciate it.

The refurbishment will bring back business opportunities for Kenyans, especially photographers who were affected when it was pulled down. Members of the public are eager to see the statue back I its place and hope that it won’t be vandalized again.

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