Police in Mombasa arrest citizens flaunting Covid-19 rules

[Photo: BBC]

Nov, 6th 2020 – Police have this morning carried out a crackdown at Likoni ferry on those flouting ministry of health guidelines to fight COVID 19. The arrested suspects were not wearing face masks, while others had them below their chins or in their pockets. The officers have reported that the arrested suspects will be presented in court later today.

The arrests come just a day after the Inspector General instructed the administration officers to enforce the guidelines and measeres in strict compliance with the law. The statement read, “All police officers across the country have been instructed to enforce the curfew orders from 10 pm to 4 am without fear or favor with strict adherence to the standard procedures.

In a statement to media houses, Mr. Mutyambai said that those who will be found breaching Covid-19 measures will face a fine of sh20,000. The new measures also state that those found driving past curfew hours will have their licenses cancelled with immediate effect.

In the same statement, Kenyans have been urged to observe social distancing and avoid unnecessary travel in the measures aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19.

It’s however not known if those arrested can pay the fines imposed by inspector general Hillary Mutyambai. 

The raid comes after the country records another increase in the number of cases with 21 more people succumbing to the disease on Thursday. Dr. Were Onyino, Kenya Medical Association President earlier stated that the reopening of the economy in August has witnessed a steady increase in the number of infections and fatalities in the country.

Dr. Onyino in a statement said that a sharp rise in cases has been witnessed in counties especially the western regions where there has been a notable spike.

In Garissa, police have also rounded up Kenyans who were not in masks and violating the measures put in place to curb the virus. They will be presented in Mombasa Court to face charges.

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